There are four tips for buying cosmetic bags, do you know?

1. Exquisite and compact appearance
Since it is a bag that you carry with you, the size should be appropriate. It is generally recommended that the size within 18cm×15cm is the most appropriate. The width of the side must be a little bit to put all the items in it, but it can also be put into the custom logo cosmetic bag instead of It is bulky.

Custom Print pattern PVC Cosmetic Bag Make Up Bag Custom Color OEM factory

2. Lightweight material
   The weight of the material is also a factor that must be considered. The lighter the custom logo cosmetic bag material, the less burden it will carry. The cosmetic bag made of cloth and plastic cloth is the most lightweight and convenient. In addition, the outer skin is best to choose wear-resistant and durable materials, do not have too much embellishment, can be used for a long time.

Cosmetic bag ladies travel square makeup brushes with Contrast color PU leather piping OEM factoryosmetic bag ladies travel square makeup brushes with Contrast color

3. Multi-layer design
  Because the items in the customized logo cosmetic bag are very fine and there are many small things to be placed, so there are layered design styles, it will be easier to separate things into different categories. At present, the design of cosmetic bags is more and more intimate, and even special areas such as lipstick, powder puffs, pen tools, etc. are separated. With so many separate storages, not only can you see where things are placed at a glance, but also protect them from colliding with each other. And injured.
4. Choose the style that suits you
At this time, you should first check the types of things you are usually used to carry. If there are many pen-like items and flat-shaped makeup trays in the item, the wide and flat style is quite suitable; if it is a bottle and can The main thing is the can, and you should choose a cosmetic bag that looks wider on the side, so that the bottle can stand upright so that the liquid inside does not leak out easily.
The above are the four tips for Guangzhou Cassia Cosmetics Co., Ltd. to buy customized logo cosmetic bags for everyone.

Post time: Jul-08-2020