About Us

1) OEM: V-Fox has one-stop OEM service.


V-FOX has more than 20 years of production experience and has five own production bases. The main production bases are located in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Sichuan, covering an area of ​​200,000 square meters. While focusing on product quality, V-FOX can also provide customers with the most cost-effective products.


2) ODM/Business Gift Customization Service


In addition to providing OEM services, V-FOX provides professional ODM one-stop services to meet the higher demands of customers.

V-Fox employs high-paying international product designers from Europe, America, Australia and South Korea to form a product image design and development team. Based on the local market trends of customers, V-Fox provides customers with product image design and development, and one-stop service for mass production.

For example:

Hotel supplies supporting services

Airlines supplies supporting services

Bank promotional gift supporting service

Auto accessories supporting service

Catering supplies supporting services


3) OBM

With 20 years of production experience, V-Fox is committed to building its own retail brand service since 2019.


4) Main Products:

A. Toys: Plush stuffed toys, teether toys, etc.

B. Bags: cosmetic bag, storage bag, backpack, cooler bag, trolley case, etc.

C. Maternal and child products: Mummy bag, diaper pad, car tray, saliva towel, baby carrier and so on.

D. Kitchen supplies: gloves, aprons, tea towels, etc.

E. Printing : gift boxes, notebooks, activity book, etc.


5) Social enterprise responsibility


A Environmental Protection: V-Fox has been in close contact with international environmental protection units and is committed to the development and production of green products. Great focus on green products, energy conservation, greenhouse gas improvement and corporate sustainability. Such as RPET, FSC, etc.

B Human rights: Comply with government requirements for corporate environments, human rights and other work. For example, providing social insurance.